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Torque converter lock-up:
The CASE transmission combines the torque converter typical smoothness, for fine grading, with the direct drive solution for full power transfer.
Rear mounted cab:
Best in class controllability and comfort: the operator is always in line with the working direction.
Easy access:
The easy serviceability is part of CASE DNA: all the main checks can be easily performed from ground level; all the service points are conveniently grouped and positioned.
Variable power curve:
The FPT Engine always ensures the necessary power for any task. On the 845B and 885B two power curves are available, while on the 865B three engine settings are installed for even better performances.
High versatility:
The wide variety of options offers, to any customer, the possibility to create a tailored grader suitable for the most demanding applications.
Externally driven circle teeth:
The external pinion is not subject to any chock while working in heavy grading, meanwhile the slewing ring external theeth prevent residual material accumulation extending the overall working life.
Multi-radius blade:
Lower power absorption and optimized rolling effect.
«a-shape» frame:
An optimized effort distribution in any condition ensures long operating life.
Load-sensing hydraulic system:
The balanced flow for all applications and for simultaneous moldboard movements.
Engine FPT - Tier 3
Power from 1st to 2nd gear 164 kW / 220 hp
Power from 3rd to 4th gear -
Power from 3rd to 6th gear 175 kW / 234 hp
Power from 5th to 6th gear -
Weight 17.2 t